Monday, October 28, 2013

Crosby's 1st Birthday Photoshoot

So Crosby is officially O-N-E! A few weeks before his birthday we took him to downtown Dallas to Deep Ellum for his 1 year photoshoot because I knew I wanted to incorporate a picture on his birthday invitation. Deep Ellum is known for having alot of cool graffiti so I knew we could find something colorful and a little off-beat for his pictures since the theme of his party was going to be "neon."  I made a custom tee for Cros to wear and he sported his neon Vans. I also ordered some "geronimo" style balloons and cut up a bunch of neon confetti to go inside...too bad the balloon didn't quite get blown up to its expected size and too bad it was SO windy that day that the balloon barely made an appearance...oh well.


And here's the money shot that I ended up using for his invite (you'll see that soon!)