Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Crossing a Few Things Off the List

**WARNING** All the pictures you are about to see are terrible/in progress shots, just wanted to warn you so that you didn't think you were seeing anything great haha! I am waiting to take really great pictures when we are finished or at least finished enough that there aren't tools/dust/blue tape/etc everywhere. So here's what was on our list (I may have forgotten a few) of things to change for Phase 1  as we are calling it:

New Baseboards
New Crown Moulding 
Move TV (therefore fix the giant holes in the wall that it's being removed from)
New Couch
New TV Credenza
New Chair
New Rug
Knock out old backsplash
Hang New Backsplash 
Concrete Countertops over existing
Make an island for the kitchen
New Kitchen/Dining Light Fixture (Still Needs to be hung)
New Sink & Faucet
Fill in Door to Office/Playroom
Knock out a new entrance to Office Playroom
New Dining Table & Chairs

This amazing new door will be the new entrance into the office/playroom (those stripes will be gone)

In progress shot of the kitchen island…this is going to have its own post that I am dying to show you!

Paidge Sofa from West Elm

Cros reading in the new chair…its an AWFUL pleather-vinyl fabric that we are eventually going to have recovered but we are enduring for now.  This came from Lula B's West

New Mid-Century Credenza from Scout…again better pictures to come (always watching Real Housewives of NY)

Got more of the backsplash hung & we are almost ready to grout.  I had to post this pic of our "high tech" spacers aka toothpicks torn in half! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More Updates on Casa Montgomery

We have crossed a few more things off our list of updates to Casa Montgomery.  There are three countertops that are complete with concrete (3 layers of concrete, 3 layers of sealer), one side of backsplash that is hung (still needs to be grouted), and all of the new baseboards in the entry, living room, & kitchen/dining are put up (those still need to be caulked.) 

Detail of sealer drying on countertops

Bar Top complete

Detail of finished concrete

The tile went up over the existing tile backsplash on this side due to the fact that the existing tile was literally grouted to the cabinets.  We didn't want to risk damaging the cabinets so we did some research and found out you can in fact tile over tile.  Instead of using thin-set, you use a glue adhesive.

Side one complete!

We are making some progress finally! Up next: new sink/faucet, concrete on the last (& biggest) countertop, new backsplash on the other side of the kitchen, grouting said tile, caulking baseboards, painting then hanging crown molding.