Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Recap 2014

We had a great Valentine's Day this year! It was super low-key and we just hung out at the house. Crosby's school had a little Valentine's party and they had mailboxes to put their valentines from their classmates in.  Of course, I couldn't just be a normal human being and go to the store and buy a package of valentine's, I had to make them of course.  For his class I did what you see below minus the red scalloped border...what you see below is what he sent to his little lady friends, I just printed the valentine a little bit bigger and then I glued it to these plain red cards that I found in the dollar section at Target. 

For his party he also needed a custom valentine tee as well! I bought this tee back in January at Old Navy and then brainstormed for weeks on what to put on it....the hubs helped me narrow it down to "How you doin?!" (Like Joey on Friends of course!) 

He had a little too much fun in the cupcake frosting at his party and it got all over his clothes so he spent the rest of the day in play clothes.  He had fun opening up his little Valentine gifts...his obsession with Mickey continues and we bought him a Mickey tee and 2 little Mickey board books. 

Since Valentine's Day was on Friday and I had to work {lame}, I did his "festive" breakfast on Saturday morning instead. By festive I mean a heart donut with sprinkles, strawberries, and milk out of a cute straw! :) 

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day! XOXO.