Wednesday, January 29, 2014

12, 13, 14, 15

Here are Crosby's latest monthly pics. I can't believe he is 15 months old! Things he is lovin' right now are: 
  • Eating: DUH, homeboy does NOT miss a meal, or a snack or any of mom/dad's meals or snacks either. Pretty much wants a bite/drink of anything we have
  • Reading: He LOVES books. Right now I would say his favorites are "Pokey Little Puppy", "Guess Who Mickey Mouse" and "Mickey Mouse Adventures" (which has the buttons you push to make sounds) which brings us to his next like love obsession...
  • MICKEY MOUSE: He loves MM Clubhouse, his 57 (Ok 3...) stuffed Mickey's, and when we sing any song from MM Clubhouse.  I after his 15 month shots the other day, I felt bad and thought he needed a treat so I bought him some Mickey socks that were in the dollar section at Target and you would have thought I just handed him a million dollars he was so excited
  • Showing off his tricks:  He is a PRO at saying "please" in sign language, calling every animal he sees a "dog", showing off where his belly, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and tongue are (tongue is the best because he sticks it out and he looks very rock & roll haha), dropping or throwing things on purpose so he can say "UH OHHHHH", 
  • Clapping & Dancing: Any time "Blurred Lines" comes on he goes nuts and also "Roar" by Katy Perry (must have a crush like his Dad) as well as any Mickey song..
  • CLIMBING: Literally on everything or over anything.  It's going to be the death of me. He STILL won't walk but he could climb to the top of the house if we would let him. 

Ahhh I'm O-N-E!

Messy hair, don't currrr

Fresh after my first haircut

Excited about something...probably Mickey Mouse

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our Christmas Cards

So it's never too late for a little Christmas cheer right?! Haha.  Here is our Christmas card for 2013. Sorry for the terrible quality of pix...used my iphone so it's a picture of a picture.  Last year we did a chalkboard background and I am not ashamed to say, I wanted to do it again this year.  I am still not over the whole chalkboard craze.  BUT instead of doing the same thing 2 years in a row, I decided to do a craft paper/washi tape design.  Like I said in the last post I took pictures of Crosby and Sophie and then we also did a few family pictures (a FEW..... most of them were a hot mess) and this one was the only decent one of all 3 of us. So both of these pictures of Crosby also had sweet Sophie in them but I had to photoshop her out for the sake of people who don't know her being like "wait who is that girl??" 

And here is a bigger picture of our family pic...I think it looks way better in black and white :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ready for Picture Overload?!

So my New Year's Resolution was to be more consistent with blogging.  It's January 23rd.  Oooopsies.  Hopefully I am finally getting my act together...I got the cutest planner for Christmas and I am hoping that will keep me ON TRACK! So here is a little recap of what has happened the past few months.

In early November we wanted to get a head start on Christmas Card pics so we went to this cute park in Grapevine and met Clay's sis & her husband and our sweet niece Sophie.  I knew for sure I wanted to get some pictures of the 2 of them in their tees I made them & I thought they turned out pretty cute!  Everyone always asks me where Crosby gets his blonde hair from...well here's your answer: Sophie! They don't look alike at all do they?! 

I mean, how precious are they?! The photo shoot wasn't all fun and games but I couldn't resist posting these pics because they are kind of my favorite...haha!

November also brought random warm days where we did lots of playing outside.  Then came the cold. Of course the coldest morning of November had to be the day I decide to "run."  Thanksgiving day we continued our tradition of the Turkey Trot and "ran" the 5k.  Last time I did actually run, but this time there were so many people and trying to navigate the stroller through all of them was CRAY. So we did alot of running...walking....practically get it.


After more warm days in December, Icepocolypse decided to happen.  It was flipping freezing and literally ice was raining from the sky.  Oh sure it looks so pretty in this picture but trust me it was a hard, frozen surface that was NOT fun to fall on... It was alot Mimosa drinking & Mickey Mouse watching but eventually the mimosas ran dry and Mickey got on my last nerve and we were ALL stir crazy (see pic of Crosby trying to get out below!)

Christmas was so fun this year! We got to visit with friends and see our fam in Wichita Falls.  Crosby remembered what a pro he was at opening gifts from his birthday and dove right in and of course wanted to play with the paper or boxes only and sometimes took a little bite out of tissue paper...NBD.

Crosby and his boo Scarlett

Everyone wears their gifts immediately right?! New moccs on feet and sweats around neck..check!