Wednesday, January 29, 2014

12, 13, 14, 15

Here are Crosby's latest monthly pics. I can't believe he is 15 months old! Things he is lovin' right now are: 
  • Eating: DUH, homeboy does NOT miss a meal, or a snack or any of mom/dad's meals or snacks either. Pretty much wants a bite/drink of anything we have
  • Reading: He LOVES books. Right now I would say his favorites are "Pokey Little Puppy", "Guess Who Mickey Mouse" and "Mickey Mouse Adventures" (which has the buttons you push to make sounds) which brings us to his next like love obsession...
  • MICKEY MOUSE: He loves MM Clubhouse, his 57 (Ok 3...) stuffed Mickey's, and when we sing any song from MM Clubhouse.  I after his 15 month shots the other day, I felt bad and thought he needed a treat so I bought him some Mickey socks that were in the dollar section at Target and you would have thought I just handed him a million dollars he was so excited
  • Showing off his tricks:  He is a PRO at saying "please" in sign language, calling every animal he sees a "dog", showing off where his belly, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and tongue are (tongue is the best because he sticks it out and he looks very rock & roll haha), dropping or throwing things on purpose so he can say "UH OHHHHH", 
  • Clapping & Dancing: Any time "Blurred Lines" comes on he goes nuts and also "Roar" by Katy Perry (must have a crush like his Dad) as well as any Mickey song..
  • CLIMBING: Literally on everything or over anything.  It's going to be the death of me. He STILL won't walk but he could climb to the top of the house if we would let him. 

Ahhh I'm O-N-E!

Messy hair, don't currrr

Fresh after my first haircut

Excited about something...probably Mickey Mouse

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