Friday, August 30, 2013

Onesies Round Dos

Well I've been a busy little bee making some more onesies for some of my favorite people! I have attempted dying and so far, I think they turned out pretty good. My favorite is the pink ombre...I even made the flower AND dyed it! I kind of wish I had it in my size.  I am love my sweet boy Crosby and making him boy-ish stuff but I am glad I know some precious little girls to make things for and to have as models

Ummm how cute are tank onesies for girls btw?! And even cuter is Perry rockin' it with her big brown eyes and Little Hip Squeaks headband. Again, can I have this stuff in my size?! Charla was smart to snag her girl some headbands because they go FAST (because they are the CUTEST things ever. Crosby has his eye on some pants and a couple blankets).  And sorry for my overuse of the word cute, but come on. Really.

Do you remember when I posted the pictures of the "Made in Texas" onesie/shirt for Scarlett & Cros? Well here they are in all their adorable-ness! Love them. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Crosby is 10 Months!

This sweet boy has hit the double digits!!! Ok, well he hit the double digits on the 17th, but I couldn't take his pic because he had this horrible rash and wasn't feeling good so I didn't think that was going to make the best photo op.  He officially has 7 teeth (5 of which he has gotten in the past month & a half!), loves playing with the dogs, and eats basically anything you give him. This big boy is still working on crawling...he says "why do it when I can roll & scoot everywhere?!"  We just got him a new toy that he has to stand in order to play with so hopefully that will start encouraging him to stand and eventually walk.  He's basically the best thing since sliced bread! :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Casa Montgomery Pinspiration

 Here are a few things from Pinterest that I am crushing on for Casa Montgomery.  I am thinking about making my own print using this quote as my inspiration...I think it would be perfect for the shelves we are hanging in the kitchen.
We all know how I feel about monograms.  I am going to make one for the living room with silver paint, I just can't decide which I like best!! Maybe one of each?!

 And then, really, I could just DIE for this bed. Anthro, you just kill me.  This bed would be perfection in our room...we have high ceilings and everything.  So whoever wants to spend $1,700 + an arm and a leg for shipping to buy this for us, that would be great! :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

T.V. Cabinet

So this post is only a year late considering we made this T.V. cabinet LAST summer...ooops! But that was back when I had my old blog, was 6 months pregnant and didn't feel like blogging. So we had this old Ikea cabinet that was dark wood and old and had moved with us about 3 times that we were SO OVER.  It was also just a little too long and kind of deeper than we were wanting.  I had seen this tutorial on Made By Girl for a floating "fauxdenza" and fell in love. 

We decided instead of floating it, we would put it on legs (I hate the legs that are on there but we haven't found any others that we like!) So even though this is more Ikea furniture, it looks more custom. It was actually Ikea KITCHEN cabinets.  That's how we got it to be the length/depth we were needing.  And then we just got a piece of wood cut for us at Home Depot and stained it the dark color, added door pulls and voila!  Again, since I was pregnant, the hubs did most of the work on this project since I couldn't be around stain and lift heavy objects.  But don't you worry I was overseeing the whole project!


So although we are on the hunt still for some better legs, we love the way this had turned out....even a year later! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Whole Slew of Onesies

One of my favorite things to make is onesies...especially for Crosby, duh! It has become my go to gift for baby showers.  I love giving something personalized and then getting something else off of the registry or diapers (because everyone needs a ton of those, eh?!) to go with it.  I will be posting some more recent onesies next week!