Friday, August 16, 2013

T.V. Cabinet

So this post is only a year late considering we made this T.V. cabinet LAST summer...ooops! But that was back when I had my old blog, was 6 months pregnant and didn't feel like blogging. So we had this old Ikea cabinet that was dark wood and old and had moved with us about 3 times that we were SO OVER.  It was also just a little too long and kind of deeper than we were wanting.  I had seen this tutorial on Made By Girl for a floating "fauxdenza" and fell in love. 

We decided instead of floating it, we would put it on legs (I hate the legs that are on there but we haven't found any others that we like!) So even though this is more Ikea furniture, it looks more custom. It was actually Ikea KITCHEN cabinets.  That's how we got it to be the length/depth we were needing.  And then we just got a piece of wood cut for us at Home Depot and stained it the dark color, added door pulls and voila!  Again, since I was pregnant, the hubs did most of the work on this project since I couldn't be around stain and lift heavy objects.  But don't you worry I was overseeing the whole project!


So although we are on the hunt still for some better legs, we love the way this had turned out....even a year later! 

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