Monday, April 21, 2014

16, 17, 18

Whoa. Crosby is EIGHTEEN MONTHS old! I mean, I literally just planned his 1st birthday and I will already have to start planning his next one in a few months! That s**t  CRAY.  

Some of Crosby's faves are: 
  • Eating: This is still his #1 favorite activity.  He basically still eats everything we give him.  He is obsessed with fruit especially bananas, still lovin' the veggies (which I hear is rare bc most kids are kickin' those to the curb by now, so I am hoping this sticks around as long as possible), LOVES pickles, cheese, sweets (any and every kind), and his new favorite snack is BBQ Pop Chips.
  • He is still a great sleeper {MOST days} but if he is teething or going through a growth spurt, he will wake up every 15-20 from like 5:45 on and just talk to himself or sometimes cry out but then fall asleep again then wake up...and this goes on until about 8 when we decide he is fully up and ready for some breakfast. 
  • He loves books but sometimes he favors more than others and then I have to hide them because I can't read another word of them...I'm talking to you "Guess Who Mickey Mouse?" and you "Goodnight Moon"
  • He is would rather be outside than anywhere else which is great except he doesn't understand things like rain or 35 mph wind. 
  • He is proving to be rather clumsy considering 2 months ago he had to have 3 stitches and the other day he wasn't paying attention & fell into the coffee table....with his face & now he has a black eye. (In his 18 month photo it is strategically concealed with the shadow, but you can see a hint of the scrape) 
  • Loves dancing, helping with laundry, playing with Palmer, puzzles, giving hugs and he's just started giving kisses and when he does he goes "mmmmma" {it's pretty cute.} 
  • Crosby has 15 teeth
  • Crosby says: Mama (sometimes Mommy and sometimes even throws in a Mom and I am like "are you a 13 y/o all of a sudden?!?") Dada/Daddy, Dog (which is still basically every animal he sees), Nana (Banana), Outsiiiii (Outside), Down, Go, Bubbles, Ball, Uh Ohhhh (which he repeats all the time over and over and he also says this when he has taken a deuce in his diaper and pulls at it letting us know to go change him), Dickey (Which is supposed to be Mickey), Da Duck (Donald Duck) And when he really really wants to go outside "Mama Go, Mama Gooooooooo" So I am considering that his first real sentence...counts right? 
  • Stats: He hasn't had a doc appt in awhile so I am not for sure but according to our scale at home he is 29.6 lbs and at his last appt at 15 months he was 33.5 in tall so I am guessing he is closer to the 35 in mark now. He can still fit in some of his 12-18 month clothes (and some 9-12 shorts from last summer) since he has a tiny waist, but he is mostly in 18-24 months for pants/shorts, 2t in shirts, and 2t & 3t in PJ's. 

Can you tell he wasn't too into having his pic taken at 17 months?! Haha.

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