Thursday, April 17, 2014

On Instagram Straight Flexin'

So I have some new shirts to share...between work and just being crazy busy I haven't blogged in forever. That seems to be a going theme: I blog pretty steadily for awhile then disappear for awhile.  I've really got to get more consistent with it!!! So anyways, first shirt is Crosby's Trinidad James shirt.  We ALL know I love LOVE rap and maybe the more inappropriate the better, I just can't help it! Sorry I am not sorry.   The song is called "All Gold Everything" and there is a line in the song that says "on Instagram Straight Flexin'" so I thought it was pretty fitting for this kid. [He looks like such a G right?! Haha]

For Allie's sweet girls Emerson & Madison, I made some Texas Love tanks.  Allie paired them with the cutest yellow/white chevron bubble shorts to wear for their bluebonnet pictures this year. Just realized I should have snagged one of them off facebook....

One of my good friends wanted a shirt to announce her pregnancy and she is a serious ran in the Boston Marathon last year serious, so I made her this shirt to wear in the announcement picture and to wear while she runs for the next few months. 

Scarlett, one of my favorite little girls, turned one a few weeks ago so when I was deciding what to get her as a gift I knew I wanted to make her a few shirts.  I knew she would be getting toys and probably tons of super cute clothes so I decided to get her some play clothes and jazz 'em up a bit. Her mom, Kayci, is a die-hard Beyonce fand (I mean, who isn't) so I had to do a little shout out to Bey's Destiny's Child days and make Scarlett her own "Bootylicious" tank.

I also made her a shirt that has a quote from one of my & Kayci's FAVORITE movies.  We can basically only watch it with each other or by ourselves because we drive people crazy because we know every word.  Literally, start to finish, the whole movie including songs...If you have never seen it and are in the mood for an awesome 80's flick, I HIGHLY recommend it! 

There's a line in the movie where they are trying to figure out if they know the same guy by his red Camaro and the character Daryl says:

 Yeah, but do a lot of people have the license plate “So Cool”?

The movie is set in Chicago, but I obvi had to throw in a little Texas love and make Scarlett's license plate a TX one.  

I have some more shirts/onesies in the works and I will be sharing soon. School is slowing down and summer is approaching so my goal is to try to blog at least twice a week. 

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