Tuesday, August 19, 2014

21 and 22

Crosby is 22 months y'all! 2 more months to go before is is TWO ahhh! He is so much fun these days, laughing at everything (he even has this hilarious little fake laugh that he does), learning new things every day, and knock-on-wood sleeping like a champ still.

Had to bribe him with a cookie for this one haha

Some of his favorites lately have been:
Running-the kid is faster than me which I guess isn't saying much but damn he is quick
Eating-DUH still basically eats everything but has a new found love for dips or dipping anything: queso is an obsession, loves dipping anything like toast or fruit into yogurt, and steals any sort of dip Clay or I are eating (guac, chickfila sauce, ranch, etc)
Mickey Mouse-again DUH
Shades-doesn't leave home without them & sometimes wears 'em inside too!
Bubbles-Squeals with delight at any sort of bubble but right now he is lovin' bubble baths
And speaking of baths, Bath Crayons: he loves getting to pick out what color he gets to use and loves making masterpieces on the the bathtub walls (he's also getting good at knowing what color is what and he loves saying Blue, Purple & Yellow "Boo, Popo, Wellow" 
Helping- He loves helping put the detergent in the washer, throwing things in the trash, closing doors, vacuuming, getting out his bubble bath & washcloth, etc.  Anything he can help us do, he gets so excited.  I'm thinking he is going to start having a chore of pouring Palmer's food in his bowl every night. 
Dancing-He has my sweet moves :)

Stealing the show at a bridal shower

Clearly it looks like the only thing we do is go to Target and hang out in the same pair of PJ's...ooops. 

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