Friday, December 5, 2014

Customize me.

So A) I haven't had a blog post in forevs and B) I haven't posted any of the tees & onesies I've whipped up in the last few months so I am going to list them kind of in the order I did them...months ago. Oooops, mah bad. At least you get to look at some of the cutest models ever!


So who isn't obsessed with this song?! (Yeah yeah I know it's so 6 months when I made the tanks but I am still lovin' me some Iggy!) Well if you are not, I am not really sure why.  It's my ringtone, Crosby stops in his tracks & immediately starts dancing when he hears it, & I could listen to it on repeat. So that being said, I knew I had to make a shirt with lyrics from this song.  My guinea pig is usually Crosby (and while he is for sure going to have this shirt at some point) but I decided this time it would be one of my other favorites, sweet Scarlett! I took a boring white tank and dyed it ombre style.  Pretty sure she is so fancy and totally rocks this tank. A friend of a friend saw Scarlett's tank and wanted one for herself and her little boy Hudson. I love a good "mommy & me matching" situation. She also has a life & style blog (Fox Den Blog) with killer posts so y'all should go check her out!

Via Fox Den Blog

For my favorite little Baylor fan, Jack

The shirts below were made for a one of my oldest friends who is a singer! She had an album release party and wanted all of her nieces/nephews to be able to wear a shirt the design was not made by me (it's fabulous though isn't it?!) but I painted the shirts.

Texas is my favorite but I made an exception for this of my oldest greatest friends lives in OKC and wanted a onesie for her sweet little girl so I went against better judgement and made her this (with lots of love!) 

We all know my love for Mean Girls so this design was totally necessary.  I made it for my friend and fellow "mean girl" Genny for her bday, with the intentions of also making one for myself haha! We aren't afraid to match...

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