Friday, June 19, 2015

Phase 2 on Casa Montgomery

Last summer we started Phase 1 of renovations here at Casa Montgomery and did little things here and there throughout the school year, and now we are ready to start a few more. To remind you this was everything we got crossed off our list from Phase 1:

New Baseboards
New Crown Molding 
Move TV (therefore fix the giant holes in the wall that it's being removed from)
New Couch
New TV Credenza
New Chair
New Rug
Knock out old backsplash
Hang New Backsplash 
Concrete Countertops over existing
Make an island for the kitchen
New Kitchen/Dining Light Fixture (Still Needs to be hung)
New Sink & Faucet
Fill in Door to Office/Playroom

Knock out a new entrance to Office Playroom

New Dining Table & Chairs

The only thing we haven't crossed off our list is the crown molding...we have it here we are just WAY too lazy to do that one ourselves so we will have someone put that up for us at some point this summer. Moving on to the list for Phase 2:

New Crown Molding
Wood Floors in the Playroom/Hallway
New baseboards in the Playroom/Hallway
Texture the walls where the new wall went up
Repaint Playroom/Hallway
Build a shelf for the Playroom
New bedding & Window Panels for Master
Repaint Master?
Repaint Master bath
New Mirrors & Light Fixture for Master bath
New dressers for Master
New Bed

And I am sure that there's QUITE more, but that is all I can think of for now.  

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