Friday, June 20, 2014

19. 20.

Crosby is 20 months…say whaaa?! Only 4 months away from being two…and suuuuure acting like it! He is smart, full of energy & personality and has a mind of his own.  Part of me is loving this age and part of me is counting down until it's over. Days like yesterday when he was funny & sweet giving me kisses all day were the best.  Days like last Saturday when he whined, wouldn't nap, and kept doing EVERYTHING I said not to, made me want to pull my hair out…BUT I still wouldn't trade it for anything! 

The tank Cros is wearing in his 20 month pic, I whipped up for him.  Clay & Jack (his friend from work) are constantly talking about working out and making fun of each other saying "you even lift bro?" so I just had to put that on a shirt! 

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