Thursday, June 12, 2014


Summer is here and I have been in search of some new breakfast ideas.  I wanted something that was filling, that didn't take long to make, and that I could take with me to go run errands or to "eat" while I was doing stuff around the house.  Also let's not forget cool since it's so blazing hot in Texas in Summer AND something that a toddler would like.  So I went in search of smoothie recipes on Pinterest and it seemed like they all had the same basic theme: fruit, juice/water/milk, ice.  So I didn't really stick to any sort of recipe, I just thought up what I might want in the smoothies and threw it all together.

I hit up Target to get my ingredients: 
12 oz bag of frozen pineapple
12 oz bag of frozen mixed berries
1 bag of spinach
Bunch of bananas 
1 big tub of greek yogurt

It took me maybe 10 minutes to put these bags together and it made 8 bags (or 8 smoothies).  4 of the bags were the pineapple, banana, spinach combo and the other 4 bags were the mixed berries, banana, spinach combo.  Each bag includes half a banana, a handful of spinach and approximately 1.5 cups of fruit.

I put the bags in the freezer and pull each one out as I need them.  It's super easy and fast, and all the measuring takes place in that 10 minute assembly.  All I added to my blender was a cup of water and a big dollop of greek yogurt. I thought they turned out great, not too sweet but sweet enough and super refreshing.  If you like a sweeter smoothie, you could add a full banana or fruit juice.  {I was trying to cut out the sugar and extra calories by adding water.} Next time, I am going to get some different fruits to try out!

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