Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Oh my gosh, I only have one more month until he is ONE?! Ahhh how did that happen?! Crosby is 11 months old today and officially into EVERYTHING...So far in the past few days he has knocked over a small display of Oreos at Target, pulled two coffee table books and candles down on top of himself when he was trying to pull up on the end table and tries climbing out of the bathtub. He has mastered the "half pull up," where he can pull up on his knees and then he stops and just hangs out there on his knees! Still doesn't crawl, but can sure get all the way across the room somehow. He's a funny little thing and loves to trick the dogs into thinking that they will get food.  He will get food in his hand and reach down to give it to one of them and then is like "sssssiiiiike! It's mine!" and puts it in his mouth. Already a trickster. He has mastered "mama and dada" but only says "mama" when he realllly wants something or is sleepy/sad. He is working on "dog" and "up." Alright Crosby, the countdown to party time starts NOW!

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