Thursday, September 19, 2013

Picture Ledges

This post brings you a project that the hubs and I made over the summer.  We had a blank wall in our living room that needed something..we didn't want artwork there because we had a big piece of artwork on another wall and we had mirrors on another one also so we decided on picture ledges.  We hit up Ikea and got the Ribba ledges that we used for Crosby's book wall in his room.  Got them up and....whahhh whahhh. They were WAY to short for the wall, I wish I had a picture of how awful it looked.  We had measured before we bought them knew they might be short but once we got them up there we knew they had to come down immediately. So we were back where we started with a blank wall with some new holes in it.  I found this DIY project on where else? Pinterest of course and it led me to the tutorial on Shanty 2 Chic. We altered it a little bit for the size we needed and instead of staining the shelves I decided to use chalk paint and distress them. I went with white, light gray and then a darker gray.  Below is how the picture ledges looked for abouuuuuut 2 months: on that big blank wall in the living room...some frames with pictures, some with nothing and one special frame that had the picture that comes with the frame (yep kept that one up for 2 months too! Everyone made fun of me!)

So we (the hubs) got tired of the picture ledges there and wanted to switch things up a bit so we moved them to the wall in the kitchen.  So that is where they reside now and will for a little while I think! Not bad for a under $20 right?!

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